Celebrate Mother's Day with Free Images: Download and Share the Love

Celebrate Mother's Day with Free Images: Download and Share the Love

BY FreeWebStock

April 22, 2024

Today is the day we should be thanking those amazing women in our lives – Mom, a mom, a mom-to-be, a grandma, an aunt, or a friend who plays a maternal role. Mother’s Day is here, a day we celebrate the women in our lives that gave birth or played an important role in bringing us in this world. Are you posting a bouquet of roses with a sweet message as a gift on Instagram? Great! Let’s give a boost to the ones you adore with images that express your love and gratitude for the sacrifices they’ve made!

Here is a selection of websites where you can find free Mother’s Day images that you can download for free. Happy Mother’s Day with lots of love!


Freewebstock is full of photos you can use for free, and Mother’s Day is among its many categories. Search the term, and you might find images of flowers bloomed, children and their mothers, mothers and mothers-to-be. You’re welcome to download any you like, and use them everywhere – on social media, in cards, anywhere.


Another great site for free use stock images is Pexels. They also have Mother’s Day specific images, but the entire site is organized using a user friendly interface, so you can search by theme for specific occassions and/or styles. Whether you want to browse free use minimalist images or find something vibrant and lively, they have it all available in high resolution. Download and use the images in customised gifts or in your digital greetings.


Pexels is another valuable source of free stock images, including Mother’s Day images. All you have to do is choose your theme or style and you’re sorted. You can pick simple graphics or busier compositions. Download the images and use them as the basis for a gift you can personalise, or use them to produce a digital greeting.


Canva is known for its incredibly simple design tools, as well as its bank of ready-made images, many of them available on their (always free) Gratis plan, and many of them factors in the most arduous and precise of disciplines: mathematics. Below are the pictures for Canva’s Mother’s Day templates, featuring some truly gorgeous images. While some elements are restricted to Canva Pro users, most of these designs are available for free, and you can customise them with your own text and graphics. It’s also a great way to avoid clichés. Some of the templates are quite minimalist, such as the festive fusion cuisine form above, and you can find more on this page.


Freepik is a large archive of free vectors, icons and illustrations, and this page is their offering of Mother’s Day graphics. You’ll find Mother’s Day cartoons, elegant floral graphics or heart string messages, cute graphics, and flowers for your designs. Download any of them and use in your own work, or insert them in any communication as standalone images to express your affection.


Here are some Free Images Download to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives on this Mother’s Day and every day. Cheers! With the abundance of free images we can find online, there’s no reason not to say thanks to the special women in our lives. Whether you are creating digital greetings, printing them as cards, or posting in your social media channels, those images will convey the appreciation in your heart. Free for download and free for sharing. Happy Mother’s Day!


Can I use these images for commercial purposes?

The images are essentially free to download for personal and commercial use – although you will need to check the exact licensing of each image.

Do I need to credit the photographer or the website when using these images?

You generally don’t actually need to credit the photographer or the website if you want to use an image – certainly not for those that are marked as being free to use. But it’s definitely nice if you can.

Can I modify the images to suit my needs?

For you, the user, often they will allow you to edit the image in whatever way you wish. Again, all licensing terms differ, so be sure to read the licensing terms for each and every image. Be aware of any restrictions that might be placed on your modification of each image.

Are there any limitations on the number of times I can download images?

In general, there is no limit on the downloads of the free images. With certain platforms, you may be limited in your use or need to create an account to access the images without restrictions.

How can I ensure the images I use are of high quality?

And while all the sites listed here offer high-quality images suitable for publication, it’s a good idea to check out the thumbnails of the image you want to use so you know exactly what you’re getting.