How Do I Download PowerPoint Template 2022?

How Do I Download PowerPoint Template 2022?

BY FreeWebStock

March 07, 2023

Before you start working on a PowerPoint presentation, you should decide the kind of template you wish to use. The template chosen by you must complement the theme of your presentation, apart from serving as a good foil to the text, pictures and videos that you have used.
If you always believed that sourcing out PowerPoint templates is tough, you would be happy to know that there are multiple websites which you can download these from. When you type free PPT template download or template download for ppt on your search engine, you will see links to several prominent websites offering free PowerPoint templates. Here are some of the popular websites you can download PowerPoint templates from:

Slides Carnival

The name of the website serves as a clear indicator of what you should expect from it. Slides carnival offers a wide variety of options when it comes to PPT template download. Once you download a bunch of slides from this website for free, it will take very little time to design your presentation. The website also provides you with the liberty of altering the colours, layouts, fonts etc. of the slides. To download the slides or templates, you are not required to register yourself as a user on the site. The best part is that there are no download limits.

Free Webstock

When it comes to the most popular websites offering free PPT templates, Free Webstock tops the list. Even if you consider yourself to be somebody who finds it difficult to navigate through new-age technology, you will be able to look for different templates and download them from with effortless ease. If you are planning to make a PowerPoint presentation, it is one of the best websites to visit. Apart from templates, it also offers you a vast number of free template images, GIFs, PSDs and vectors to choose from.


One of the factors that help Powerpointify stand out is that a large number of templates it features are the brainchild of renowned graphic and visual designers from across the world. As soon as you visit the website, you will be enamoured by the high-quality and visually striking templates it features. It offers PowerPoint templates in different categories like Technology, Architecture, Business and many more. There is one thing you must remember when you decide to download templates from this website. It enables you to download templates only in ZIP file format.


When people look for visually appealing PowerPoint templates, Showeet is one of the foremost online platforms they check out. Whether you plan to make a PowerPoint presentation for educational purposes or need to put together a quick business presentation, this is the website you should visit to download templates. By simply entering the keywords, you will be directed to the slides that would help you prepare your presentation.


Though the website is called 24Slides, you don’t just get twenty-four slides here. The online platform features a larger number of Free Template PPT across different categories. You will come across several entrepreneurs and business personalities who download templates from this website. The website also offers explanation on each slide and how you can use it in your presentation.