The Making of a PowerPoint Presentation: Vital Tips You Should Opt For!

The Making of a PowerPoint Presentation: Vital Tips You Should Opt For!

BY FreeWebStock

September 28, 2023

PowerPoint presentations can help you create a "slideshow" about a certain business plan to explain a historical event, display the life and work of a famous person, etc. But no matter what type of presentation you want to create, you have to make sure it's unique and engaging.

You certainly don't wish to create a PowerPoint presentation that has confusing slideshows and poor color choices.

This can end up distracting the stakeholders from outstanding content. To create a perfect PowerPoint presentation, you should get copyright free PPT template to get started with the presentation work.

Apart from that, you can observe these tips to develop a unique presentation for your business:

Open Up a Blank Presentation or Start from The One You Made

When you have made the presentation already, just double-click on the icon and open the current file. You can also open a "new presentation" by clicking on the "file" icon at the top-left section of Microsoft PowerPoint. After that, you can follow all the prompts to create a new presentation.

Select A Theme or Make One

Even though you will get Copyright Free PPT Template, when it comes to themes, Microsoft PowerPoint provides built-in themes and many color variations. You can use them to make your slides and give them a cohesive look.

To select the pre-built themes, click on the "file" section, and choose "new." After that, choose any option and then press "Create." You can also utilize the PowerPoint elements, the color palette of your brand, and your designing skills and make your own "theme" easily.

Make Many Slides for Different Reasons

To create slides, you can download PowerPoint templates and use them to create unique slides. You certainly don't wish to present the same type of slide with different content in it. This can certainly bore the audience.

That's why you should make some variations, which should accommodate several common uses for the slides. You will need the following to make the slides:

  • Slide that introduces the speaker
  • A table of contents or an agenda slide
  • A title slide
  • Different content sliders
Utilize The Duplicate Slides Option to Save Time

You don't have to download PowerPoint templates; use the color or theme to create your choice of designs every time. When you already have several slides, you can just duplicate them before providing the content. Here is how you can do so:

  • Right-click the thumbnail on the left pane of the slide that you wish to duplicate
  • Now, you have to pick the "duplicate slide" located in the pop-up section.

By following these steps, you can add a copy of a slide automatically to your presentation. You can then customize it based on your requirements.

Add Some Animation to The Slides

Even though you can download PPT templates for business to enhance the look of your presentation, with animations, you can add movement to it. You can also reveal data and underscore the points that you wish to talk about during the speech.

If you want to animate a component, you should do the following:

  • Choose an element you wish to animate. You just have to click on it.
  • Pick the animations located at the top ribbon
  • You will get the option to select from many effects, which you will find in the ribbon.
  • When you click on an animation, it will provide a preview.
  • Choose the effect options to customize the animation
  • You can extract the animation by clicking on the "none" option in the ribbon section.

Just like you can customize and Download PPT Templates for Business, you can also customize the animations. These are some of the ways:

  • Delay
  • On click
  • Duration
  • After previous
  • With previous
Ending Words

Making a PowerPoint presentation is not that complicated. You just need to know how to get it done in a correct manner. So, by following the tips mentioned in this writing, you can make a fascinating and unique presentation.